Complete Brief On Hayday Game

Complete Brief On Hayday Game

Supercell, a giant game producing firm has been developing different games over the years. Supercell also produced the legendary Hay day game. Hay day game is a mobile game that is all based on farming majorly. It was first designed for iOS platforms then later it was developed for the android users precisely on November 20, 2013. Supercell kept making lots of funds from the game as it sold and became popular among many people around the world. Every month the company makes about $30 million and it thrills the world at the wonder of the game. As at that time, the game rated the fourth game with the most generated revenue. The game is quite interesting especially because it deals with farming which is one of the most basic occupations.

Hay day has quite an interesting plot to be identified with. As a farming game, it will be thrilling to have a few players and distinct abilities. Here, the player has an uncle which has lost his ability to cater for the welfare of the farm then over the years he hands over the control affairs to the hands of the player. At the beginning of the game, there is a scarecrow that teaches the player exactly how to harvest wheat without wastage of any product. For emphasis, a scarecrow is a fake or a decoy of a human. It is designed to look exactly like a woman to scare animals, pets, and infectious predators. It looks really like a human being from a distance. It is very common among the western farmers and gardeners.

Later in the game, it is required that the harvested products are sold accordingly. The players level of sales will greatly determine the definitely count in his points and numerous benefits embedded in the game. The player will earn coins and experience point which is exactly all you need to advance properly in the game. The coins could be used to purchase tools, fertilizers, production factories or warehouses and pets as well. Every single thing the player needs as a farmer can be afforded as far as those points and coins are constantly increasing. This is to settle the fact that without sales, no progress. Apart from all these, there is also an advancement of levels and then the tasks become more challenging as well. The player becomes so used to the advancement then at a certain level, he will have to meet Angus which is his uncle. Angus will then teach and introduce the player to fishing which is another lucrative farming sport. As the game progresses, then different other farmers will show up and then they will decide to stay in the same neighborhood as the same occupational family. This is for the reason of sharing tools, ideas, chats, experiences, and materials needed to help each other advance and grow in their farming specialization.

Hay day has a lot to offer to players but it all depends on your consistency and drive for the game. As you advance in the game for different levels, there will be unlocking of different crops and raw farm seeds for produce especially wheat and bananas of different breeds. Fruit trees and bushes are released as well for some levels. It all depends on the seriousness and eagerness of the player and the end game of the planting will be larger than imagined and little by little the points and coins will increase. There is a platform for the player to buy animals or he could capture the aquatic animals. Some animals include fishes, ducks, goats, lobsters and the whole lot of them. Pets could be purchased as well on a long-term basis and will be fed using the experience points gotten from whatever purchase has been done in previous tasks and level. All these are to ensure the farmer can expand his farm as much as possible just the way a real-life farmer would love to. Hay day requires consistent attention if you must advance and this means the internet connection must not be interrupted.

Requirements To Play Hay day

In playing Hay day for both iOS and Android, there are lots of requirements to enjoy the game comfortably. If these requirements are not strictly followed, then either the game refuses to come on or if it does then it will lag excessively. It will make the game as boring as possible. Requirements for products and especially for games must never be gambled with. The requirements for the Android version of Hay day are listed as follows:

  • An Android Phone with the operating system version of Android 4.0 at least.
  • It supports Facebook and Google+ connects which is to switch between devices and connect to store farms respectively.
  • Internet connection of constant and standard supply.

Hay day is quite an exciting game to use whether on Android or iOS. In summary, the game basically depicts real-life farming activities. It is one game that is appreciated by many farmers and many more are yet to do so. Look at it, the game gives you a platform to grow and monitor the advancement of the farm, sell farm produce from harvesting and make enough funds to keep tuning the farm without the stress of loans or debts. You can own your own stall or shop where your products will be sold in any quantity you require. In Hay day game, you can do a lot in dealing with sales of products which includes truck delivery, boat delivery for across the water orders and many other selling opportunities. Players as farmers can build a town and welcome farming visitors as well. And to crown it all, it could be downloaded by the two best operating system users in the world which is iOS and Android. Note that if a player has a previous experience in farming in real life then this skill will go away in making his game farming experience quite blissful.

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