Important factors you should think about before buying an air conditioner

Important factors you should think about before buying an air conditioner

Today there is a wide variety of every home appliances for this case air conditioner included. Just consider the many brands and types of air conditioners in the market. They come in different specifications and may serve slightly different purposes. The task of choosing the right air conditioner for your house may be hectic and overwhelming. Deciding on buying something randomly without giving it much thought can result to serious consequences especially when it comes to electronics.

Most of us check warranty and even enquire more about the sales status when buying machines. Others will even request the testing of the appliance before buying whether it is working properly. This is simply because these appliances are technical to use and install remember all electronics come with a manual. You do not want to take home an air conditioner that will not be of any use to your home for instance it should be able to cool the space of your room and drive out unwanted humidity. More so it should be affordable and worth every penny invested

Common factors you should consider when buying an air conditioner are:


The capacity of an air conditioner is very important while deciding on the one to buy. You need your air conditional to meet your needs with some satisfaction. Imagine having a cooling effect that is too much for your small room or almost equal to none effect on your large space. The conditioning should be just efficient and give a sense of comfort.

Capacity of an air conditioner is mostly measured in tonnes. The larger the room the more the tonnes it will require. For example, a room which is 100 feet squared will require an air conditioner with a capacity of about one tonne where else a 200 feet squared will need a two tonnes air conditioner.

Energy consumption

Paying large power bills is not a dream to many people. A good air conditioner should not push you to pay higher bills beyond your means. It should consume less power yet provide you with a very desirable cooling effect. There are a lot of cheap brands that will have less energy consumption and still provide quality conditioning. Some will even use free energy like the solar other than the paid electricity without compromising the quality.


There are multipurpose air conditioners which do not only cool a room but also heat it up. They are very essential for cold or winter seasons for warming up the house. The heating feature also helps in cleansing itself automatically and performs self-diagnosis. The multipurpose air conditioner also saves power up to almost a third more energy than other heating systems.


The cooling speed of an air conditioner is also an important aspect to consider. This speed should be adjustable to fit your requirement. For instance, if the thermostat of the air conditioner is adjustable, you can get different cooling effects in different hours of the day. This will aid in saving more power without having to switch the conditioner on and off. Double fans and varying speed will also help in providing the best conditioning without consuming more energy.

Kind: window or split air conditioner

You have to decide the kind of air conditioner you want. Both have their merits and drawbacks. It is about choosing the one that will work for you better than the other. Split conditioners are more expensive than window air conditioners. They are also not difficult to install like the split.

One of split air conditioner merit is that they have a more efficient self-automatic cleansing thus more aesthetic. Moreover they operate more smoothly and quietly than the window units. Other advantages are that its air distribution is better than that of window air conditioners. You should chose the one that best fits your needs considering other conditions such as auto restarting, power safe mode, climate and speed.

The quality of air

The best air conditioner should provide most comfort, drive away unwanted humidity out of room and give the most desirable and relaxing cooling for your home. Some of the features to consider are a good dehumidifier that can give comfortable cooling and a very good filter to improve the air conditioner functionality. You can also consider other factors mentioned above like capacity, speed and type of the air conditioner to determine the air quality.

Installation, operation, maintenance and cleansing

How you install an air conditioner is a determining factor for how well it will work out. Wrong installed appliances will have challenges while using, maintaining and may even get damaged fast. If you are not sure how to install, it is good to seek experts help. You can also browse the web for information on use, installation and maintenance of different air conditioners like the keuzehelper.

Some air conditioners are easy to install while others are more technical and sensitive. For instance a window unit is easy to install, use and requires very little maintenance though you have to clean it regularly for it to function well. A split air conditioner has an automatic cleaning capability. When buying an air conditioner you should consider durability such that it will not require repairs more often.


You must consider the cost no matter what. It is not logic that one can buy something they can’t afford. Going beyond your means to buy things or taking loans is not recommendable. I am not suggesting that you should sacrifice quality. Of course you want to buy something than can work. There are a lot of air conditioners that will not give you a run for your bank account but still function well and offer comfort. However, it is okay if you are able to buy an extremely expensive air conditioner without much struggle. But it should also be worth the investment.

There are many more other factors to consider for the purchase of the air conditioner. This includes capabilities such as adaptability to power on and off to avoid damage and the sound produced when it is working among more. The bottom line is that you should choose an air conditioner that will work for you and keuzehelper is the site that can help you in taking the right decision.

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