Things to know about wisdom teeth no one told you before

Things to know about wisdom teeth no one told you before

Taking good care of your teeth is not always an easy job. Keeping your teeth clean by usual brushing will help you in certain ways. However, it is never enough to prevent irritating problems such as cavity, gum disease or decay. You can face different problems with your dental health. Some of them can be simple, while others can require surgical intervention. Wisdom Teeth can be a serious problem for many people. If anything goes wrong with these teeth, they can let you experience pains. Sometimes it can get really bad and you would suffer from much more complicated dental problems. In order to overcome problems related to your wisdom tooth you need a prominent oral surgeon by your side.

Wisdom teeth fall under the category of the last permanent set of teeth that appear in a person’s jaw. They are also known as the 3rd molars. These teeth are supposed to grow normally like other ones. However, they are prone to cause serious dental health problems for many people. Usually you would sense a beginning of such problem during your teenager years. You can keep experiencing aches and incontinence related to wisdom teeth till you finish you mid twenties.

  • How can an oral surgeon help with a wisdom tooth problem?

Many people think that going to a dentist can solve any issue they would have related to their dental health. They could not be more wrong. Dentistry has many fields and subspecialties. Oral surgery belongs to them and it can provide proper solutions in cases a general dentist can’t solve. Dental implants, jaw grafting and extracting a wisdom tooth are few examples of these cases.

When a patient experiences pain or discomfort caused by a wisdom tooth, contacting an oral surgeon is the best action. The surgeon will ask for an X-ray and discuss the case details with the patient. Your oral surgeon will examine your jaw, teeth and mouth to determine the size of the problem. In case of severe damage, your surgeon would recommend for an extraction procedure. Your oral surgeon will help you in every step of the way. You will have a clear idea on what to expect after the surgery. You will also get valuable guidance during recovery.

  • Facts about wisdom tooth

Many people experience discomfort or pain caused by one or more wisdom teeth. It is important to know that millions of people around the world are dealing with the exact same pain on daily basis. So, you are not alone in this. Most people are born with wisdom teeth. These teeth take time to grow and erupt fully. Some of us can be lucky enough to experience no issues during and after the process. Many people can experience various problems that might prevent these teeth from growing properly. The majority of teenagers start experience growth and problems regarding Wisdom Teeth. Also people in the early and mid twenties are prone to have this growth phase. A small percentage of people on this planet are born with no such teeth. Many things can go wrong with a wisdom tooth during growing process. Misalignment or trapped teeth are some of the most common problems.

  • Famous problems of Wisdom Teeth

People can experience various types of issues related to one or more wisdom teeth. Some of these issues are more common than the others. Also these issues vary in effects and consequences. Here are examples of the most famous types of a wisdom tooth problem:

  • Poor alignment

This is not a rare problem in dental patients with wisdom tooth issues. Sometimes a wisdom tooth would grow in a horizontal form. The tooth would take an improper angle and growth direction. This would negatively affect the jawbone and function of other teeth. Problem can escalate and mouth nerves can get damaged due to misalignment.

  • Trapped teeth

This problem is commonly known as impacted wisdom teeth. This condition would come between the teeth and the full eruption. This will allow only a small part of a wisdom tooth to erupt. This problem might lead to gum inflammation or bacterial growth around the incomplete teeth. Gradually the gum might get a disease or decay.

  • Cavity

Improper position of a wisdom tooth will gradually cause cavity. It is a typical result of swelling in your gum. This way pockets and holes will appear in your gum and teeth. You will shortly suffer from pain in the jaw nerves as a result of cavity.

  • Things to know before removing your wisdom teeth

In many cases, a well-known oral surgeon might help his patients avoid surgical intervention. Sometimes, there are more suitable methods of treatments. This depends on several factors such as the diagnosis and a patient’s age. So, there might be another way to deal with your wisdom teeth other than surgery. However, it is important to get proper diagnosis from a capable and experienced oral surgeon.

  • Perks of removing wisdom teeth

If your trusted oral surgeon recommends extraction procedure, this would leave you no other choice. Having a successful procedure and recovery phase will make you feel a lot better on so many levels. For instance, you will never face a problem regarding cleaning these teeth. This would improve your overall hygiene, as you would no longer suffer from bad breath. Ingrown wisdom teeth will trap food remains which can lead to major dental problems. Your mouth will no longer have sacs that are filled with fluid. These sacs are also known as cysts. These cysts form around ingrown wisdom teeth and let bacteria grow all around them. Your jawbone will be in a better condition, as you will remove a main cause of bone damage.

Also the recovery process is not a real challenge. You would not need a long time to get back to your normal condition. Normally, it would take a weekend before your jaw is pain-free. So if you do it on Friday, you would get back to your life and business on Monday. You should consult with your surgeon to know what to expect during recovery phase.

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