Tips for removing carpet stains that are tough

Tips for removing carpet stains that are tough

If you have a carpet, you will know that it is very difficult for your carpet to last forever without any stains. You will find that your carpet will have stains often in one way or another. The stain might be caused by food spilling or pet mess. When that happens, you must be armed with tips that can easily make you clean up the mess. Failure to clean up the stain, your carpet might end up having so many stains that might make the carpet look ugly. Below are some of the tips that you should always follow in case your carpet is stained.

Be fast to act

This is usually the first important step when removing your carpet stains. If the mess has happened now, act fast and start the cleaning process right away. That way, you will not have to struggle with huge stains or stubborn stains that will be hard to remove. There are those specialized in carpet cleaning like carpet cleaning enterprise NV who always advise the carpet owners to act pretty fast in case there is a mess. Waiting for long might lead to not being able to remove the stain completely. Therefore, it is good to treat the stain as soon as the mess occurs.

Clean up

Whether it is your pets mess or any spilling on the carpet, you must make sure to clean up first. If the spilling was solid, you can always scrap it up first and if it is liquid for example urine, you can consider blotting it up. Cleaning up is the most important part to avoid the excess.

Use water

Before you try to use your cleaning product consider using water first. Simply try blotting the stain first. You can try to use an absorbent rag or consider using a towel for your bolting up. This step is usually useful when it comes to removing excess mess from your carpet. According to carpet cleaning enterprise NV, cleaning should be done with cold water or lukewarm water.

You can then prep your carpet

Make sure that your iron is plugged in to make sure that it preheated. Make sure that the plugging is next to the stain or the place that you want to treat. You can then forge forward to fill your spray with ammonia and one part water. Shake very well for the solution to mix. Although it is not advisable to heat up your carpet when it is stained, if the stain is troublesome, prepping up your carpet will be the appropriate thing to do.

Use a solution that has pro enzymatic technology

A pro enzymatic cleaning solution is a solution that has enzymes. The enzymes automatically activate when they get into contact with organic matter. The matter that is being activated by the enzymes includes urine, vomit and many more. The enzymes usually feed on the organic matter of the carpet stain. You will need to let the pro enzyme soak for sometimes. Usually, consider leaving the carpet with the pro enzyme overnight for great results. The good thing with this tip is that it will allow the stains to vanish as well as remove any possible odor from your carpet.

Use cleaning product

Cleaning products are good to use but they are not good if so much of it is used. For great results, only use a little number of cleaning products and repeat the process several times. Using too much cleaning product is not usually the best solution to getting rid of carpet stains. Instead, it might lead to too much residue that might attract too much dirt in the future. Therefore, clean your carpet more than once and use little detergent.

Rinse your carpet

You might have cleaned up your carpet very well but fail when it comes to rinsing. Rinsing is usually a necessary step in stain cleaning and in fact, it is a very important step. You might remove the stain but fail when it comes to rinsing the carpet. That way, you might end up having a dirt layer being formed. Always consider using clean water and rinse as many times as possible. That way, you will be rinsing off all the dirt.

Check the adjacent walls

You might have cleaned your carpet and even done a thorough rinsing but you still smell the odor. The smell might be existing on the walls that are near the carpet. It might be that the pet mess did spread to the walls or the mess did splash to the walls to make sure that your house is left with no strong smell, make sure that you have checked the walls very well. When the mess goes beyond the carpet, you might need to do a lot of cleaning. Sometimes you do not have to clean the mess if you do not want to. You can use cleaning agents like the carpet cleaning enterprise NV. They simply do all the cleaning for you and you get back to your house when it is feeling fresh again.

Freshen up

After you have cleaned or in the process of cleaning, you might realize that the stain is gone but the smell is not yet gone. To make sure that your house is fresh, you will need to use a freshener. A freshener is usually a spray that is used to get rid of any odor. Odor sometimes is annoying especially if there is pet mess. It is usually very simple, all you will need to do is use a freshener to clean up the odor. When getting rid of the odor, make sure that you are using the appropriate means to do so.


Cleaning stains from a carpet are usually not so hard apart from when the stain is tough. Pets stains can easily be removed from the carpet along as the owner or the one cleaning follows the right tips and techniques of cleaning.

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