Top 3 Luxury Watches For Women

Top 3 Luxury Watches For Women

With the variety of smart phones these days it is easy to quickly check the time on our phones instead of relying on our watches. Do we really need a watch to tell time? No, to tell time we don’t need a watch, but a gorgeous luxury watch is so much more than just a time piece. They are an accessory that shows a piece of us when we wear it. Luxury watches come in all different shapes and sizes to show the world that piece of you that is ready to be seen! When looking for a luxury watch to add some sparkle to your accessories it is important to know what you are looking for. Think about the features you want, as well as the style and price. Look at the quality of the watch and how it will hold up to the activities you will be doing when wearing it. Here are the top 5 luxury watches for women. Make sure, that you check whether the luxury watches are real.

  1. Tiffany & Co and Petek Philippe Twenty-4

Tiffany & Co is a brand that all women know about and desire. Petek Philippe has been hitting the top of the charts for the luxury watches that are being seen on music artists, rappers and other celebrities. The two brands got together to make a collection of watches that quickly ranked as a top seller. The watch is water resistant and has diamonds on the face and along the sides which reach a total carat weight of .45.

  1. Rolex Lady-Datejust 28

The Lady-Datejust line has many beautiful luxury watches for women. The Lady-Datejust 28 stands out due to its beauty. The face is made from mother-of-pearl and each watch is different because of this. It has the classic jubilee bracelet that wraps comfortably around your wrist as you wear it. This self winding watch features 18 carats rose gold and diamonds. It is also waterproof and scratch resistant so it will stand up to your busy lifestyle and for that, you need luxury watches.

  1. Ballon Blanc de Cartier

This Cartier watch is another classy luxury watch that stays high on the list. It has high-quality Swiss quartz movement so it is always the right time. The dial is decorated with mother of pearl and you can choose between rose gold and white gold for the casing. There are two rows of diamonds on the face and the band is filled with sparkling gem stones, making this watch shine!

When you go to look for your desired luxury watch remember what you want in a watch and how you want it to look and feel on you. With the selection out there today you will have no problem finding exactly what you want. Have fun with it and let your personality shine through your watch and feel the confidence radiate off you as you wear it. Prepare to show it off lots as your friends will all be curious about the new watch on your wrist.

Retro digital watches with metal bands:

The 1970s era is back when watches broke the stereotype circular and square dials look. This is an in thing for the young generation who like to break rules of conventional fashion. Metal parts always add on to the durability factor while these innovative dials are value for money and no less fashionable for luxury watches.

Go Green:

The wooden wristwatch is a relatively new concept in the market. If this sounds like a foreign concept, here are a few reasons for investing in them. Nature provides infinite options in the wood grain. So no two wrist watch made from the same hardwood are the same? As a natural resource, wood is renewable in comparison to plastic or metal. So lesser carbon footprint on the environment! Wood watches being eco- friendly will never harm your skin. Its chemical free finish ensures that there are no harmful side effects on your health.

Fabric and textile based watch straps:

The leather and metal straps with a buckle give the watch a sleek and elegant look. However, one cannot dispute the benefits of fabric watch straps. Introduced by the NATO for its military personnel, this trend has found its way into the commercial market today. Fabrics such as woven leather, denim jeans, tweed, khaki, and soft jacquard weaves have become a mainstay in the market. These straps provide something that classic leather straps do not; aeration of the skin.

Skeletal Display:

Chronographs have always been the center of attention. The latest innovation is to bare the dial and show how the various wheels in motion. This trend has limited the usage of dial screens in watches and in some cases, has gone without it and still maintained its old world charm.

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