Unorthodox ways to easily pass a Urine drug test

Unorthodox ways to easily pass a Urine drug test

When passing a drug test means a lot to your existence, business or job then unorthodox methods that can help you beat the test can be used. Legally speaking, most of the drug testing requirements by major establishment is a must. It’s perfectly normal to employ tactics that beat or present fake results for assessment, if you want some very important information about these test then the best place to go is Blog, this has got some very good information and can really give you tips which can help you a great deal in clearing the test, which is your ultimate goal. This is one of the best websites and has all the information listed on this subject and the information is good and to the point, which will make it a very good read for the reader at all times.

Unorthodox methods of passing a drug test are extreme and should only be used if you feel using a detoxifier won’t do you much good or you are an addict. Here are some uncommon tactics you can use to pass a drug test:

Replace your test samples with those of a friend who you know is clean.

For the most time, an ordinary employer or a physician can’t watch you give a urine sample. Normally, you will be shown a small sample collection room to collect your samples. This is advantageous to you as it presents you the opportunity of swapping or using the clean urine sample of a friend. If you want to know more such information, then you need to go to some good resources, who can guide you in the right way. Internet has got lots of information and it is never easy to find the right piece of advice. One may get confused with too much of information and hence you need to find something that give you accurate information and guide you well, one such website is Blog, which is one of the best resources on this topic and can guide you on this subject in the best possible way with very good precise information.

Before you collect the sample of a friend there are things you need to consider closely. One, the urine or sample has to be relatively fresh. Keep his/her urine sample in the fringe if you aren’t going to need it till a couple of days.

Two, make sure you bring it up to the required body temperature (37 degree Celsius) before handing it over.

Three, be smart about how you cunningly transport and replace this sample to avoid been caught in the act. The results at the present time are very quick and can come out even in a day or two. The speed of things are improving a great deal as technology become much more better and helps people in various fields including the testing. the urine is screened and the result in generally emailed to the concerned people and also a physical copy is sent later and this makes the process much faster. This is something that is also making it very difficult to beat the test as the method of testing keeps on improving and giving better results each day.

For women, it is suggested that they fill up a condom and keep it tied up in the virgin. Desperate circumstances require desperate measures. You can discretely make a little puncture at the base of the sample to pour it into a sample collecting bottle.

Use Synthetic Urine Substitute

There are many synthetic urine substitutes online to the extent that they now offer a money back guarantee grace period. All you have to do is warm it up a little and place it in a plastic bottle to swap with the original urine sample from you.

However, use a synthetic urine substitute at your own risk because some labs do a run test for synthetic urine to determine if they have been fooled.

False “Fake Results”

False fake urine test results are another unorthodox means of passing your drug test. It involves drinking massive amounts of water to dilute the concentration of the metabolites tested for. However, most labs can easily identify false fake results and will ask that you take the same test in a week’s time. Well, all this is not very easy in any more. The testers have become very smart and at times some of them are also going in for multiple tests, just for a reconfirmation and hence it is not very easy too beat the drug test.

So one needs to prepare well in order to avoid any issues and for that, you need to have time and take care that you stop any kind of drugs well before the test. Also, you need to read some very god information about what other things you need to do before the test and one good resource for doing that is Blog. This has got some very good information, which can guide you in the right way on this subject. This is a very important thing in your life and can affect your career and also could have some serious financial implications on you and that is the last thing you want. So make sure, that you have all the information before you go into the drug test and that will help you to clear the test in the right way in quick time. What better can you ask for?

The false fake test offers some form of benefits to the patient. Firstly, it can completely fool the health professional that you are clean. Secondly, if you are asked to come back for the test at a later date, this should give you more than enough time to properly detoxify your system.

Now you know the three unorthodox methods of beating a drug test. Which one of them are you willing to use? Once you do your research right you can decide.

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